Yellow Cake from Nick Cross on Vimeo.



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  • sylvia lee
  • does the yellow cake means as money?

    it shows fat cat is always being fat cat?

    full of meanings...
  • to Sylvia:

    everything has not only one aspect

    so here comes a general problem
    that we can only see what we "can" see and think what we "can" think

    so, actually, we are blind to those "unseen" or "unthought" part of what we're seeing or thinking

    but there's a solution

    we may change the way we used to see or think
    and try to figure out those "unseen" or "unthought" parts

    i think this is a first important step to get close to the truth

    OskarBrianChen 於 2009/10/27 21:23 回覆

  • sylvia lee
  • sigh..can't you just nod and reply me yes?

    getting more complicated.....sigh..

    sounds extremely heavy actually....